Best Blogging Platform?

So you’re doing something big in your life and you want to document your experiences online for posterity.  What is the best blogging platform to use is an important decision to make.  For those of us who consider time a valuable resource, choosing a free, fully functional and well featured solution is definitely the way to go.  I suppose if your super geeky and have a LOT of time on your hands you could open up your favourite text editor (vim, emacs, notepad++, textedit) and start hacking away at php, html, css, js etc.  I wouldn’t mention it to anyone if you did. 😉

After a few minutes of research it quickly became clear that WordPress is by far the people’s best blogging platform of choice.  As a result, we’ve joined the masses and setup WordPress to use as our travel journal/blog.  We’ll be documenting the process of preparing for an awesome trip round the world and then actually doing it.  Installation was easy and it seems straight forward to use and very well supported with a huge community.  Currently it’s on our home Linux server (Ubuntu) in the basement that runs  At some point the server and basement will be gone along with most everything else we own. 😯

So we’ll need to migrate it to a website hosting service ASAP.  Add that to the list of things to investigate and do.  It looks like you can do amazing things with just WordPress and it’s free plugins and themes.  However if your blog takes off, there’s a plethora of paid plugins and themes available.  This is probably why WordPress appears to be the most popular blogging platform out there.

Update Sept. 10th, 2015:  I’ve moved our blog to using their GoGeek server package and our shiny new domain name.  😎

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