Picking a Domain Name

So we knew we wanted to start a website for our journey and one of the first big to do items was picking a domain name.  Based on work I’ve done in the past, I’ve found that picking a domain name is becoming very difficult.  Most of the easy ones are gone due to the billions of people on the internet, unless you get incredibly lucky.  Creativity is the key.  You don’t want it too long or be tough to decipher.  I highly recommend you do it with someone else who you can bounce ideas off.  When you think of one, first find out if someone already has it.  Unless you are rich, you probably don’t want to pay someone for a domain they are cybersquatting on.  I use godaddy.com to do a search which will tell you whether you’ve found an unused one.

The .com “top-level domain” (TLD) is the one you ideally want but if you must have a specific name and don’t care about the TLD you could go for another that is available.  Here’s a good article on the ins and outs of TLDs and another about picking a domain name.

We eventually stalled on a list of about 15 that were available as .com.  A few were using tricks like using PH (our initials) vs. F and sounded good to us but probably not so good to the rest of the internet.  Every name we discussed we noticed that we kept comparing them to the short but sweet “carryonrtw”.  It quickly floated up as the top choice from all we’d come up with as it worked in several ways for us.

For our annual trips to Thailand we’ve used our Arc’teryx Bora 65’s.  These are fantastic, indestructible packs that we’ve had for almost 20 years and are still going strong despite having gone around the world several times. We refuse to lug suitcases and we’ve typically taken the kitchen sink due to having 65 L.  Things like our thick self-inflating mattresses so we can sleep on the sometimes rock hard beds you find in SE Asia.   No more though. 8)  The plan for future travels is carry on only.  We’ve lost luggage twice which was a major hassle.  We also both know that we take way too much stuff “because we can” with these bigger packs.  So the “Carry On” part was great but I’ll give you one guess as to whether carryon.com was available.

A well-known acronym for “round the world” is RTW.  That was the type of trip we were planning so again a good fit.  Growing up in England during the 70’s, carry on also brought to mind the “Carry On” series of movies that were all about having fun.

So it all fit.  The .com was available and we were getting paranoid someone would “steal it” so we snagged it.  We again used godaddy.com to make it ours.  This has been my go to domain purchasing site over the years.  When all was said and done picking a domain name was mentally exhausting.  Finally, for travelers, there’s not much of a better motto than:

Round The World!

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