The Final Countdown!

The final countdown!  You’re welcome to everyone who now has that song in their heads.  🙂  We have 9 sleeps left until we leave on the big adventure.  We both just realised that means a total of about 3.5 days to finish getting rid of everything, sorting finances, test and final pack, etc.  So what do I do?  I get an 80’s song in my head and decide to write about it which I find amusing and others will probably find annoying but my blog so there!  I’ve even included the video so you can all share in the enjoyment.

February – The Low:

As many of you know, my Dad passed away on February 7 after a short battle with lung cancer.  He was 83.  Dad was diagnosed with cancer in August, luckily he didn’t start showing any side effects until December.  It’s been heartbreaking and I am still all over the map with emotions.  It isn’t easy to lose someone special but I take solace in knowing that he was so pleased for Paul and I.  My Dad always encouraged us to take chances and live our lives to the fullest.  I know he will always be with us in memories and in our hearts.

February – The High:

The Final Countdown for our last day of work!  It was February 9th!  Yep, officially the end of our setting alarms and having to commute.  We celebrating by walking for 20 minutes in the freezing cold, it was -36 with the windchill, to a fancy restaurant.  Finally using the gift card that I had received a couple of years ago at the right restaurant.  I could never remember the name and had tried to use it at two restaurants that surprisingly wouldn’t take it… go figure.  We managed to find our way home through the +15’s and only had 4 blocks to walk outside.  That was a little adventure in itself.

Then we had our “Say Good Riddance to the Rimmer’s” on February 17 at the local Pig and Duke pub.   It was great to see everyone, I never realized so many people would be happy to see us go 😉  Tasty bevvies and a shooter or two consumed.  I didn’t think to break out the camera till later so missed some people, you know who you are!  All in all a great night for us.

Last week was busy with appointments and getting stuff to Creston.   Today was test packing and organising, tanning and supper with family.  This week is super busy with more appointments, tanning, helping get my Mom organised and our last trip to Creston.  Strangely, even though I am up to a big 6 minutes no one seemed to think I have a tan?  Maybe I’ll post a photo after a few days on the beach… bet you’ll all think I have a tan then.  Peace out Beotches!

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