Where in the World

We’re starting a blog… follow us… yep do it so you can see where in the world we are. The only catch is we won’t update it for months at a time so you’ll have no idea unless we are Book of Faces friends. Yeah, sorry about that!

We have learned that we just aren’t good at regular updates for a several reasons:

1) having way too much fun

2) we only have our phones to write blogs and that is more challenging then you know

3) wi-fi isn’t always consistent

4) go to #1

What does this mean to you? Well mostly that you won’t be overwhelmed by emails showing a new post, except for the next day or two while I try to catch up 😁.  Rest assured, posts will be much shorter and have more photos than words unless something mind-blowing occurs. WordPress wants 300 words to give me a “Green Dot Approval” for posting.  I’m pretty sure I can get close without adding in random words that don’t make any sense like bacon at the end of every sentence. Bacon. Or adding in random links just because some professional thought that a blog should link to something not bacon.

Where in the world are we now? Well New Zealand. So what do you have to look forward to? Posts on Myanmar, Northern Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Australia. That will get us up to date and maybe we will stay that way… unlikely, but who knows? Bacon.

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