Hong Kong? What!?!

Hong Kong? What!?!  That was unplanned… well yes, but everything has pretty much been unplanned!  Let’s make a long story short… in May we looked into getting tickets to the Liverpool FC preseason game in July at Hong Kong Stadium.  They sold out in less than 24 hrs… too bad, moved on.  While in Don Det, Laos, we discovered that one of Paul’s favorite podcasts was going to do a live show there.  So, hmmm, maybe we should look into it further especially since it was going to be someone’s birthday month.  Within 3 hours we had tickets lined up for both the game and Anfield Wrap Podcast show, hotel and flights booked to Hong Kong? What!?! became Hong Kong? You Bet!

We had a quick two night stop in Chiang Mai.  Another story, package we mailed in June had a battery in it so was sent back to the original post office.  We didn’t have anyone to go get it, so had to go ourselves or lose it. Just so happened that we found a (free airmiles) flight that worked out.  So shopping, sushi and Small House… quick battery removal and on our way to Hong Kong.

Downtown Hong Kong:

If our goal was to eat our weight in dim sum, we succeeded in our 3 days there, as we ate at Dim Dim Sum at least 5 times!  A lucky coincidence that our hotel was less than 5 minutes from amazing dim sum.  In between eating we took ferries and buses, took the worlds longest moving staircase, scaled Victoria Peak, stayed out to 5 am, saw the game, went to Kowloon and saw the light show!

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Cambodia(Part 1)? What? Why you ask?  Even if you didn’t, pretending you did so I can tell you all about it!  After a great time on the islands our next stop was Cambodia.  We were very excited for a couple of reasons the main one being an opportunity to see Lee.  We hadn’t seen him in years… basically since he moved there.  The other reason was that we heard it was amazing.  So off the islands on a boat, then bus to the border.  We were super lucky in that Nok had also decided to leave at the same time so we all traveled together.

Siem Reap:  

So really, you go here to get to Angkor Wat.  We arrived after a fun, yet harrowing bus ride… the driver fell asleep and had gone into the other lane.  Thankfully he was woken up before any harm done, but everyone was wide awake after that!  After checking into the guest house we arranged to go see Angkor Wat.  We booked a tour with Tino, who Pat and Liz recommended and setup a 4am departure for a sunrise start.  We got to the ticket office, waited in line, got our and headed over.

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