Days On The Road


Since our one way flights to South East Asia on our open-ended RTW trip.  🙂

Hong Kong? What!?!

Hong Kong? What!?!  That was unplanned… well yes, but everything has pretty much been unplanned!  Let’s make a long story short… in May we looked into getting tickets to the Liverpool FC preseason game in July at Hong Kong Stadium.  They sold out in less than 24 hrs… too bad, moved on.  While in Don Det, Laos, we discovered that one of Paul’s favorite podcasts was going to do a live show there.  So, hmmm, maybe we should look into it further especially since it was going to be someone’s birthday month.  Within 3 hours we had tickets lined up for both the game and Anfield Wrap Podcast show, hotel and flights booked to Hong Kong? What!?! became Hong Kong? You Bet!

We had a quick two night stop in Chiang Mai.  Another story, package we mailed in June had a battery in it so was sent back to the original post office.  We didn’t have anyone to go get it, so had to go ourselves or lose it. Just so happened that we found a (free airmiles) flight that worked out.  So shopping, sushi and Small House… quick battery removal and on our way to Hong Kong.

Downtown Hong Kong:

If our goal was to eat our weight in dim sum, we succeeded in our 3 days there, as we ate at Dim Dim Sum at least 5 times!  A lucky coincidence that our hotel was less than 5 minutes from amazing dim sum.  In between eating we took ferries and buses, took the worlds longest moving staircase, scaled Victoria Peak, stayed out to 5 am, saw the game, went to Kowloon and saw the light show!

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Cambodia(Part 1)? What? Why you ask?  Even if you didn’t, pretending you did so I can tell you all about it!  After a great time on the islands our next stop was Cambodia.  We were very excited for a couple of reasons the main one being an opportunity to see Lee.  We hadn’t seen him in years… basically since he moved there.  The other reason was that we heard it was amazing.  So off the islands on a boat, then bus to the border.  We were super lucky in that Nok had also decided to leave at the same time so we all traveled together.

Siem Reap:  

So really, you go here to get to Angkor Wat.  We arrived after a fun, yet harrowing bus ride… the driver fell asleep and had gone into the other lane.  Thankfully he was woken up before any harm done, but everyone was wide awake after that!  After checking into the guest house we arranged to go see Angkor Wat.  We booked a tour with Tino, who Pat and Liz recommended and setup a 4am departure for a sunrise start.  We got to the ticket office, waited in line, got our and headed over.

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Where in the World

We’re starting a blog… follow us… yep do it so you can see where in the world we are. The only catch is we won’t update it for months at a time so you’ll have no idea unless we are Book of Faces friends. Yeah, sorry about that!

We have learned that we just aren’t good at regular updates for a several reasons:

1) having way too much fun

2) we only have our phones to write blogs and that is more challenging then you know

3) wi-fi isn’t always consistent

4) go to #1

What does this mean to you? Well mostly that you won’t be overwhelmed by emails showing a new post, except for the next day or two while I try to catch up 😁.  Rest assured, posts will be much shorter and have more photos than words unless something mind-blowing occurs. WordPress wants 300 words to give me a “Green Dot Approval” for posting.  I’m pretty sure I can get close without adding in random words that don’t make any sense like bacon at the end of every sentence. Bacon. Or adding in random links just because some professional thought that a blog should link to something not bacon.

Where in the world are we now? Well New Zealand. So what do you have to look forward to? Posts on Myanmar, Northern Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Australia. That will get us up to date and maybe we will stay that way… unlikely, but who knows? Bacon.

Northern Thailand

We spent several weeks in Northern Thailand. All the Chiang’s together: Chiang Mai, Chiang Dao, Chiang Rai and Chiang Khong!

The Break Down of Northern Thailand

Chiang Mai:  We decided to get organized in Chiang Mai. Mailed some items back that we don’t use, saw Wonder Woman and did a cooking class with Pat and Liz. I’d wanted to a do a class so this was more for me then Paul. We got to make several dishes and no injuries occured.  After wandering the night market and we spent some time at the shopping malls, not either of our favorite things to do but we managed.  Had a nice evening at Small House where some advice from Dao had us heading off to Chiang Dao instead of Pai.
Paul happy with his choices
100 days!


After 60+ days in Thailand we headed to Myanmar for a new adventure. We had a month making amazing memories of Myanmar.
First stop Myawaddy, right across the border. We were helped by “Mike” and we’re soon sharing a taxi with Karen. A nurse from USA who was working in Thailand during her retirement. After a harrowing drive through the countryside we arrived in Hpa-An.

The next day we arranged a tuktuk tour of the surrounding caves and temples with Karen. We were joined by Verena from Germany and Clem from France. 11 hours later, we had been shaken around and totally caved out but all satisfied with a great experience. I was pooped on by a bird and a bat, apparently that’s lucky.  Discovered tomato salad.  Spent the next day wandering the area with Karen and Verena having a relaxing time, more tomato salad. Then off to Yangon.

Cole’s Notes

On Facebook, you have been exposed to our constant updates and many temple, Pagoda photos.  For those not on Facebook or blocked us after being feed up with aforementioned pagodas… here is the Cole’s notes version:

Koh Lipe – March 2017

This time we stayed at The Reef instead of our usual. We really enjoyed our accommodation and met some great people.  I would recommend The Reef, the staff was super nice, beds comfortable, breakfast was good. The orange tabby cat that I spent a lot of time with has no bearing on my opinion.
We connected with old friends and made new ones, learned how to play “shithead”, developed a taste for unsweetened Chao Manoi, had copious amounts of BBQ squid, saw awesome lightning storms and spent time on the beach.

On Our Way

After some very crazy, hectic, emotional weeks we are on our way.  We left on the first leg of our adventure on February 28, 2017!  Before I get into too much, we need to send a big thank you to Paul’s Mom and Dad.  We wouldn’t have made it through the last weekend without their help.  Between letting us store things, taking care of our mail and the car, helping us pack up and clean the apartment and taking us to the airport…  well needless to say we got it all done and I was even able to spend several hours with my Mom the day before we left with no stress.  Ok, this is me so there was some stress but it was under control.  🙂

We had our Phil’s breakies. Our first breakfast in Calgary in 1993 was Phil’s so we decided one of our last would be as well.  We went to the Pig and Duke the night before we left to celebrate being done and Paul’s Dads birthday.

On Our Way

We started with an early wake up on the 28th so we could make it to the airport and through any glitches with customs.  We shared a Tim’s with Paul’s Mom and Dad, then said goodbye.

That was it… we were now on our way!  Freaky? A little… exciting? Majorly! Security was smooth and after a bit we got on the plane to Chicago.  There was a minor issue with the carry on,  we weren’t the first people on board and the luggage area for our seats was already full. Paul managed to get ours a little further back and we settled in to our flight.

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The Final Countdown!

The final countdown!  You’re welcome to everyone who now has that song in their heads.  🙂  We have 9 sleeps left until we leave on the big adventure.  We both just realised that means a total of about 3.5 days to finish getting rid of everything, sorting finances, test and final pack, etc.  So what do I do?  I get an 80’s song in my head and decide to write about it which I find amusing and others will probably find annoying but my blog so there!  I’ve even included the video so you can all share in the enjoyment.

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We Quit!

We quit!  Yep, we quit our jobs!  February 9th is our last day.  Paul gave notice just before Christmas and I told my boss on Friday the 13th!  The humour of that, while lost on some people, was not lost on me and I will admit to a giggle about it.   Luckily our coworkers are very excited for us and have been great.  For both of us the build up to quitting was bigger than the reality.  It was almost like nothing changed but then reality kicked in and “shit got real”.

So, we quit, now what?   Everything!  All the stuff we have talked about but couldn’t or didn’t act on needs doing.  We need to decide what we are keeping, what’s going to charity, arrange last-minute appointments, organise our finances, pack and test pack.  There is so much to do.  I say this as I sit here typing but consider it a needed break since I made a bad decision about cleaning the BBQ and then using it, but I digress.

Messy Apartment

This is what our apartment looks like.  Those that know me understand that I am slowly going crazy, part of my personality is in the fetal position, twitching.  We sleep on an air bed and sit in our camping chairs to watch our TV… which is a computer monitor… resting on boxes.  I remember the camping chairs being much more comfortable than they are.  The missing factors are a campfire, friends and copious alcohol consumption.

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